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You are ready to launch! Register your business and start making money!

You are ready to launch! Register your business and start making money!

Registering your business is easy, but there are choices to make to ensure you accomplish all your goals. We’ll explain how to be on side with the government, keep your taxes low and find customers as quickly as possible.

Start, Grow and Manage Your Business
Start, Grow and Manage Your Business

Every day, we help people start, grow and manage their business. If you have completed your Business Success Program and received your Business Success Guide, or you already have business idea or you just want to register a business name properly for the future, follow these three steps.

Step 1. Make it Official – Register Your Business.

  • Establish and register your business name.
  • Decide which is most appropriate and advantageous for you: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Incorporation.
  • Register for HST and possibly payroll tax accounts.

Ready to register now? Go directly to our registration page. You may speak or on-line chat with one of our Business Specialists at any time.

  • Open Business Bank Accounts
  • Print Business Cards
  • Launch your website

Step 2. Launch and Grow Your Business.

Follow your dream – oh, yes, and your business plan! Your business is officially registered and from your Assessment and Guide, you have the essentials of your business figured out.

Below are just some of the key elements that must be in place to start making money.

Develop and refine the products and services you will sell.

This is, of course, the heart of the business. You must get this right, because more than anything, the success of your business depends on the VALUE that your future customers gain when they purchase from you. Believe it or not, it won’t be that hard to find people to buy what you sell. The trick is having satisfied customers that got what you promised or what the product was obviously supposed to do (and not be disappointed by it); keep product and continue to benefit from it (and not dislike and speak poorly about it), ask to stay informed of other products and services you may sell (and don’t say I’ll never buy again and take me off your mailing list)

Establish a base “operation” from which to run the business.

Here you decide where to work be it home and / or an office, warehouse, facility, store…. This requires a lot of thought. Home-based businesses are the most common, but many businesses should not be in the home because of the limitations of working there: distractions, poor location and/or not appropriate for customers, etc. Regardless, you should have a home office because it will be a convenience and a big tax break.

Of course, it’s not just where, but what. “What” do you need to operate the business? Every business is different and each demands different facilities, equipment, employees, etc. So require almost none of the above! Start small and build as your business builds. But don’t start too small because you will immediately limit the opportunities for your business.

Determine prices, customer service and all aspects of making it real.

Only once you know what you will charge, how you will produce and deliver, how you will reach and interact with prospects and customers will the business become real. Actually, only once you actually DO charge, DO deliver and DO deal with any issues (as there are certain to be) will it be truly real.

Start sales and marketing efforts to find and bring in your customers.

We always recommend that you “test” all aspects of the business before you settle on product and service design, pricing, marketing, etc. Why, because you will learn so much in those early days – things that will give you ideas on how to improve the business for the better. Before you fully roll-out a website, promotional materials, etc… “test” and confirm the plan!

Step 3. Manage Your Business Fundamentals.

If you’ve completed 1 and 2 above, you will be successful, and the rest is important to secure and manage your success going forward.

Bookkeeping service or purchasing and learning accounting software. You started a business to make a good living doing what you love. Making a good living means managing the business carefully: keeping good financial records (“the books”), understanding where and how you make profits, if costs are in-line, etc. Even the simplest business demands that you stay on top of all this.

You will be remitting HST on a quarterly or annual basis. So you will be charging HST and also getting tax credits, or even refunds on the amount of HST you pay out. It’s not difficult, but be organized, understand how to take full advantage of it, and always stay on the right side of CRA.

Its your living – love what you do, but make sure you are making as much money and saving as much tax as you possibly can.

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